Connie Cassinetto Photography
The photos on this page come from Northern California (the Motherlode,  beaches and forests, and wildlife refuges) and from the Palouse area (eastern Washington state) and forest preserves of Washington state..

Flowers & Nature

Click on any photo to see a larger version.  You must close a photo in order to view another photo.  If you see a photo that you would like to purchase please see the Purchase Information page and contact me at the email below .  I also have additional photos for review for most images and/or locations.
Palouse Poppies 3
Palouse Poppies 2
Red Flowers 3
Red Flowers 4
Yellow Flowers
Yellow Poppies
Orange Plant
Poppies Motherlode 1
Poppies Motherlode 2
Close Up Dandilion
Palouse Poppies 4
Yellow Flower
Palouse Poppies 1
Lady Bird Johnson Park Fern
Pink Flower
Red Flowers 1
Red Flowers 2
Large Thistle