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New photos and a new web site! 
Check out my newly published website with many new photos of animals, landscapes, and  Soon this website will be put to bed! 
I love the way the camera sees the world, it can be so unique, so different than what is actually there when I take the photograph. My goal is to take photographs that show the world the way I see it, using the unique photographic abilities I have, the technical abilities of my camera, and my digital darkroom skills to output the best photograph "equivalent" that I can; a photograph that is wholly representative of my vision in photography and art.

All of the photographs on this site are available for purchase in print or digital format, see the "Purchse Information" page to learn more about purchasing a print. 

Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, Hwy. 108.
A panoramic image made from six images with an added sky.
Learn  Lightroom and Create Great Images!

Is it time for you to learn all about working with Adobe Lightroom software to enhance your digital images?  You can learn from an Adobe  Certified  Expert and college instructor. Check out my Lightroom web site at    As a serious photographer I know what's important for you to learn in the program quickly to improve your photos.

Group classes or one-to-one sessions available. 
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